Missed the Solar Kick-Off Meeting? No Problem.

Phyllis Theermann

Swing by the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant Open House this Saturday, May 17th from 11:00a.m.— 3:00p.m to learn more about Wellesley’s Solar Program. Experts will be on hand to provide details and let you know if your home is solar suitable.


Family time on Saturday? Easy.

Bring your children to the Firehouse Open House, then come next door to the cool, new, energy efficient Municipal Light building at 2 Municipal Way (455 Worcester Street, Route 9).  Get answers about Wellesley’s More POWER TO CHOOSE program which includes the group discount on solar installations. 

This cost-saving, sustainability-oriented initiative will surprise you on the rate of return as well.

Come find out more, or go to www.WellesleyPowerToChoose.com for information.

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