Wellesley More POWER TO CHOOSE Sun Program Reaches Full Discount Pricing

Phyllis Theermann

P2C_SolarIconLast Chance to Take Advantage of Best Solar Pricing

Residents in Wellesley have now reached a level of participation that provides everyone in the program the lowest price available. The town started the year with 8 homeowners generating electricity from solar and that number has now grown nearly 6 times as many to 48 private homes generating electricity from solar. Any residents who sign up before the August 31 deadline will now benefit from the best pricing for solar, a guaranteed installation before the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant solar rebate expires on December 31st and the ability to benefit from 2014 tax credits.

With a very impressive return on investment for those who are “solar suitable”, 409 homeowners have registered to see if solar works for them and more than 35 have already signed installation contracts. As the Wellesley More POWER TO CHOOSE Sun Program approaches the registration deadline, these are the last few weeks to take advantage of this significantly discounted pricing. Watch it happen here.

The More POWER TO CHOOSE program is coordinated by Wellesley volunteers and sponsored by the Town of Wellesley Sustainable Energy Committee. The solar portion of this program offers discounted group pricing from installer partner Astrum Solar along with a rebate from Wellesley’s Municipal Light Plant and generous state and federal incentives.

This program is working to lower the carbon footprint of the Town of Wellesley and setting a standard for the future of our town.

To reserve your no-obligation estimate visit WellesleyPowerToChoose.com today or call 617 963-8141. To connect with the local volunteers coordinating the campaign, email sec@wellesleyma.gov.

The overall More POWER TO CHOOSE program provides residents opportunities to meet their individual goals of personal responsibility and engagement. The program provides residents the opportunity to choose among the following options:
· Free thermal image to see where your home is losing energy
· No-cost in-home energy assessment to maximize efficiency and reduce waste
· Advice on how to get started on following energy efficiency recommendations
· A free home solar suitability analysis
· Registration with Wellesley’s Municipal Light Plant to purchase 10% to 100% of electricity from renewable sources

For more information go to WellesleyPowerToChoose.com or call 617 963-8141.

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