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Phyllis Theermann

WCPP scannerThe Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project has recently released a new free iPhone app that helps you identify healthier choices for everyday items in your shopping cart. The ‘SmartScan’ app tells you what ingredients are potentially unsafe or harmful – from the supermarket to the hardware store. Simply scan a product barcode and then press go to easily figure out what is in the products you buy.

SmartScan checks ingredients against the SmartScan database of “potentially hazardous substances”, and ingredients that match the blacklist are given a “hazard rating” derived from the NFPA 704 standard, California Proposition 65 list and Wikipedia. If no harmful ingredients are found, an “All Clear” notice is displayed.

Products receiving the “All clear” are not endorsed as safe, and products that receive hazard ratings are not necessarily dangerous when used correctly. SmartScan is intended to be used as a quick aid to help catch harmful products, but results are not guaranteed to be correct or complete, and is not a replacement for proper research.

To download SmartScan to your iPhone or other Apple device and learn more about the app go to

SmartScan was developed working closely with Davis Foster and Nicholas Perretti, former Wellesley High School seniors who devoted their Senior project to the effort.

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