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Phyllis Theermann

bootstrapThrowing kitchen scraps into landfill is bad for the environment. It gives off methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Composting your kitchen scraps, on the other hand, provides a rich soil additive that boosts gardens. But not everyone wants to compost in their backyards. Now there is a great solution that has come in the form of a company called Bootstrap Compost, Greater Boston’s only year-round kitchen scrap pickup service.

Operating already in several Boston communities and now spreading to the suburbs, Bootstrap will come to Wellesley provided at least ten homes enroll. If you sign up with them and pay them a fee ($8 per pick-up for weekly and $10 per pick up for biweekly), they will provide a five-pound drum for you to fill with kitchen scraps (excluding meat and dairy) which you then leave at the end of your driveway. They collect and transport the scraps from houses, apartments, dorms, co-ops, condos, restaurants and special events. In exchange you receive five pounds of rich compost three times a year for your garden. If you don’t need the compost, you can donate it to local farms, community gardens or school projects. The point is that your kitchen scraps are helping grow food rather than increasing landfill and greenhouse gases.

To sign-up, email them at bootstrapcompost [at] gmail.com so they can get you enrolled once they reach the 10 family minimum, or call Andy at 617-642-1979. If you get a friend to sign up, you get two free pick-ups. For more information check out their website www.bootstrapcompost.com or check out this recent Boston Globe story about them.

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