Latest “Climate Reality” Talk This Thursday Evening

Phyllis Theermann
Thursday, December 11th at 7:00 P.M
at the Wellesley College Club

Quentin Prideaux

The talk reviews the causes and impacts of climate change, the actions we need to take, and what it all means for Massachusetts and the Northeast. Quentin will discuss why some have been confused about the facts and, although the subject is serious, Quentin keeps it positive and lighthearted where possible. The talk will lead into a question and answer session.


Quentin Prideaux is a Partner in the management consulting firm Alder Associates and lives in Wellesley with his wife,Delissa, and two children; Alex (15) and Samantha (10).  He has a degree in Physics from Bristol University, leads SustainableWellelsey, and is a trained presenter for The Climate Reality Project and for Climate Voices.

To register: 

Send email to or call (781) 283-0417, ext. 2
Let them know if you need a ride.


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