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On Saturday, we had an amazing Sustainable Living Festival at Wellesley’s Municipal Light Plant. With electric cars, gardening ideas, kids activities, solar power information, stylish upcycled fashions, electric guitars, lectures, sustainable investing, a huge raffle and a lot more, folks were inspired and entertained.

For all exhibitors, attendees, and those that did not get a chance to attend the Sustainable Living Festival, please take a few seconds (120 for those that attended – we timed it and 25 for those that didnt) to respond to our survey.

This will allow us to give you really what you want next time.

Attendees’ Survey:https://sustainablewellesley.wufoo.com/forms/mx4m6xp14uf6iq/

Exhibitors’ Survey:https://sustainablewellesley.wufoo.com/forms/zd8zkon05xdnnz/

See all the photos here!

Thank you to all of the wonderful exhibitors, presenters and raffle donors!
We hope you made it, and if not see you next time.
The Sustainable Wellesley Leadership Team,
Quentin, Phyllis, Lise, Scott, Jeff, Alex

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