Vote For Sustainable Wellesley’s Quentin and Dylan in MIT’s Climate CoLab Competition

Phyllis Theermann

MIT Climate Co Lab

MIT has a huge annual competition for the best ideas on solving climate change.  Sustainable Wellesley’s Dylan Husted and Quentin Prideaux are working on Dylan’s brilliant idea, SaveOhno, which has made it into the Finals!

To vote for SaveOhno:

Do check it out and please support/ vote for them.  The idea is to create an online “vision of the future” that is initially bleak because of global warming, until you do something positive in the real world today.  It’s a neat way of making it easy and fun for non-hardcore-activists to take real action and see their results immediately.  Votes for MIT Climate CoLab are free, and you won’t get spammed, so please click a link to register and give it the ‘thumbs up’ now.  Votes directly feed into winning “The People’s Choice” and support for implementing the idea.

To vote for SaveOhno:

For more information, and step-by-step help with how to vote:

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