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Phyllis Theermann

WGS_ Logo_3Wellesley Green Schools is very proud to announce their new partnership with Sustainable Wellesley!  With many of the same goals and team members this linking makes great sense for both organizations.  Wellesley Green Schools will be part of Sustainable Wellesley’s organization, and together they will:

  • Communicate with, and engage Wellesley Public Schools, Dana Hall, and other local schools in Sustainable Wellesley’s many campaigns and initiatives
  • Bring awareness of school issues and opportunities to a wider audience
  • Allow students a greater opportunity to tap into events, internships, and learning opportunities with Sustainable Wellesley
  • Coordinate sustainability efforts and campaigns across our community –  including those on transportation, waste and energy reductions, increase in renewable energy usage, composting, and much more
  • Have a greater impact and a louder voice for the issues that we care about

WGS_ Sign_b&wThis combined effort will also enable Wellesley Green Schools access to new grant and donation opportunities, as Sustainable Wellesley hopes to soon be officially registered as a 501c3 charity.

Please let us know what sustainability/ green areas you are most interested in, and how you would like to be involved.

Our websites will remain separate for the forseeable future, so for details on initiatives the two organizations are currently working on, please see Sustainable Wellesley.com and WellesleyGreenSchools.com.



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