Last Chance to Vote For Quentin and Dylan in MIT’s Climate Competition



MIT has a huge annual competition for the best ideas on solving climate change. Sustainable Wellesley’s Dylan Husted and Quentin Prideaux are working on Dylan’s brilliant idea, SaveOhno, which is in the Finals, and you can help!

To vote for SaveOhno:

Do check it out and please support/ vote for them. SaveOhno creates an online vision of the future that is bleak at first, because of global warming,  But when you do something positive in the real world today you earn rewards and see the future improve. It’s a neat way of making it easy and fun for non-hardcore-activists to take real action and to feel the results immediately.

Votes for MIT Climate CoLab are free, and you won’t get spammed, so please click the link to register and give it the ‘thumbs up’ now. Votes count towards winning “The People’s Choice”, and getting real support to implement SaveOhno.  Dylan is a brilliant Babson student who has put a lot of thought into how and why regular people act on climate change, and doing well in this competition will really make a difference to him (and it’s a *great* idea).

Please vote here:

For more information, and detailed steps on how to vote:

Voting closes midnight on Saturday Sept 12th so please spend two minutes and vote now.

Thank you – we will now return to normal Newsletter service…

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