Wellesley Green Schools Goals for 2015/2016


WGS_ Logo_3 2Wellesley Green Schools hopes you had a wonderful summer and are ready to gear up for a very GREEN school year! We are anticipating a very productive year and appreciate all of your help in getting our message out.

Our plan for the 2015-16 school year is to focus on five major areas:

1.) Reducing waste/increasing recycling– we will work with town constituencies on waste reduction issues, recycling and composting.

2.) Transportation- we will develop transportation options within town to reduce traffic congestion, increase walking and biking and reduce idling.

3.) Environmental Curriculum and Curriculum Enhancements- we will develop opportunities for environmental education throughout the district.

4.) Communication- we will support and encourage sustainable behaviors in our schools and community through consistent communication.

5.) Grant Writing- we will identify opportunities to secure financial support through grants.

If you are interested in getting more involved in one of these areas and/or you know of others who would like to work on one or several of these initiatives, please join us! Our first meeting will be Thursday, October 1st in the morning so please save the date!

In the meantime, please email jessica@wellesleygreenschools.com


Jessica Stanton, Phyllis Theerman & Sue Morris, WGS Board


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Quentin is President of Sustainable Wellesley, an advisor for SaveOhno.org and a Partner in the management consulting firm Alder Associates. He has degrees in Physics and Business and is studying for a Masters in Sustainability at Harvard University Extension School. Quentin has lived in Wellesley since 2000 and is married with two children in Wellesley pub

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