A Holiday Gift that Gives All Year Round

bootstrapHere is a great holiday gift that gives all year round!

Beginning Thursday, Jan. 7, Bootstrap Compost will commence weekly pickups of organics in Wellesley!

Bootstrap provides residential subscribers with a 5-gallon bucket, liner and lid. Over a week (or two), you fill it with coffee grounds, egg shells, tea bags, veggie matter, old memories, etc. Anything goes except meat and dairy products. On your pickup day, you’ll leave the bucket near the front entrance of your residence; Bootstrap picks it up and drops off a clean new bucket. Every four months, Bootstrap delivers five pounds of our premium soil amendment. The cost: $8 per weekly or $10 per biweekly (once every two weeks) visit.

Ready to sign up? Click here. Got any more questions? Visit our FAQ page.

Since January 2011, Bootstrap Compost has diverted 1,083,122 pounds of compostables from landfills.

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Quentin is President of Sustainable Wellesley, an advisor for SaveOhno.org and a Partner in the management consulting firm Alder Associates. He has degrees in Physics and Business and is studying for a Masters in Sustainability at Harvard University Extension School. Quentin has lived in Wellesley since 2000 and is married with two children in Wellesley pub

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