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Wellesley Public Schools works closely with Sustainable Wellesley to adopt environmentally sound operational practices. In an effort to reduce congestion, emissions, air pollution, car lines and parking issues, and to support the safety of all students, we urge you to use our excellent school bus program. The $2.89 per day cost is economical and we invite you to join the ~2,500 students who take the bus every day.


In accordance with State regulations and School Committee policy, free transportation will be provided for students in kindergarten through grade six residing two miles or more from school. We will continue to offer fee-based transportation services to all other students (that is, students who live less than two miles from school or students in grades seven through twelve). The fee will be $521 per student, with a family cap of $1,142. In other words, when there are more than two children in a family participating in the fee-based transportation program, the fee for the third child is $100 and any additional child thereafter is free.

The number of buses required and, thus, the number of seats available, are based on the demand. The bus routes and stops will be established based on the addresses of registered participants. Every effort will be made to make stops convenient to parents and students.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility based on your address, please go to the Wellesley Public Schools website at www.wellesley.k12.ma.us and click on the “Families” tab at the top of the page. A drop down menu will appear. Scroll down to “Transportation” and you will see “Bus Eligibility by Street.” Click on that selection and an alphabetical list by street will appear.


In order to participate in the program, parents must complete the registration process through the online fee payment system and agree to the Bus Conduct Rules for Transportation. A non-refundable deposit of $100 per student must be submitted when registering. Please note that you always have the option to pay in full at this time but that does not guarantee a bus stop location. (Bus stops are not determined until all registrations are in and routes are established.) The online registration with deposit is due by April 8, 2016. Registrations received after April 8, 2016 will be processed in the order in which they are received on a space available basis. Once you register for fee-based transportation you have agreed to pay the full cost of the seat for the full year.

Confirmations, including bus routes and fee balances owed, if applicable, will be sent to all registered students on or about May 2, 2016. In order to receive transportation, the balance due must be paid online no later than May 20, 2016. An unpaid balance will indicate that you have decided not to participate in the optional bus transportation program and, as stated previously, the deposit will be non-refundable.

A waiver process has been established for those families who are eligible by income level or are currently receiving state assistance. Families requesting a waiver should contact the Transportation Department directly at 781-446-6210 ext. 5614 on or before the April 8, 2016 deadline. The Transportation Department will send out the waiver application with instructions. A seat will not be assigned until all forms are completed, reviewed and approved.

To register and pay online please go to www.wellesley.k12.ma.us; scroll hallway down the main page and, on the left side of the screen, click on “Online Fee Payments”. You will be brought to the log in screen. Enter your Username and Password, press Enter and then click on the photo of the yellow school bus. It’s easy and unbelievably convenient! If you don’t remember your log in information, click “Need login help?” and we will send it to you. If you don’t have an existing account, please click on “Create an account” and proceed to enter your family information. You will be notified with a username and password.

Important Reminder

Safety of our students is the foremost priority of the transportation program. This includes at their bus stop, while riding on the bus, and as students embark and disembark from the bus. For this reason we require Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students to be discharged at their same daily bus stop to a parent or caregiver who is known to the driver. Alternatively, a Kindergartner, first grader or second grader may be accompanied by an older sibling in Grade 4 or Grade 5.

When that sibling is not on the bus on any day, an adult known to us must be present at the stop to meet the younger student. If there is no one waiting to accompany the Kindergartner, First or Second grader at the stop, that student will remain on the bus and be brought back to their school.

Please be sure to make these arrangements for your child as you prepare for the upcoming school year.

Should you have any questions, please contact Deane McGoldrick, Transportation Coordinator, at 781-446-6210 ext 5614, or the Business Office at 781-446-6200.


R. Deane McGoldrick

Transportation Coordinator

Wellesley Public Schools

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