Action Alert: State House Leaders Negotiating Final Energy Bill – Please Call Now!

Phyllis Theermann
action alert
A message from our partners in the MA Interfaith Coalition for Climate Action:
We are in the last stretch on the way to historic energy policy in Massachusetts! House and Senate leaders are negotiating a final bill to send to the Governor for his signature. Just before the July 4th holiday, the State Senate gave a huge boost to the prospects for clean energy in Massachusetts with a unanimous, bipartisan vote for an energy bill (S2400) that includes:
  • an historic commitment to offshore wind power (2000 megawatts),
  • a significant increase in the amount of renewable energy that would power our state by 2030,
  • a pipeline tax ban that prohibits utility companies from charging ratepayers for pipeline construction,
  • other provisions that strengthen energy efficiency programs, protect utility workers responsible for fixing gas leaks, and support safe decommissioning of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant.
The House passed its own energy bill a few weeks earlier (H4385), so a conference committee must now come up with a compromise bill before the legislative session ends on July 31st.
Now is the time to raise our voices once again on behalf of our planet and future generations. Please contact your legislators this week to tell them you want the conferees to stand firm on historic provisions that move us closer to a sustainable and clean energy-powered Massachusetts. Utility companies are working hard to persuade our legislators that we need more dangerous fracked gas in our state – we must make sure our elected officials hear from us!

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