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Kelly Caiazzo

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Last Saturday the Wellesley Farmers’ Market held a Cycle Day, encouraging people to ride their bikes to the market to load up with local goods, free coffee in BYO mugs, and fitness offerings. Shoppers picked up beautifully displayed fall produce, which they could stow away in their complimentary reusable bag.

Hillary Keenan participated in Cycle Day by riding her bike to the Wellesley Farmers Market, and she’s no stranger to bike riding. A Wellesley resident who workbike-to-works in Boston, she often commutes to work on her bike.

“It’s that or get up to exercise before I commute,” she said with a laugh. She says the new bike lane in Wellesley does help, though Wellesley could look to Newton for inspiration where bike lanes are even more common.

The new bike lane is on the westbound side of Washington St. across from Hunnewell field, and bike arrows remind drivers and cyclists on the eastbound side that bikes are allowed to use the full lane. Wellesley’s Bicycle Safety Committee plans to continue making Wellesley an easier place to bike.

Sustainable Wellesley is encouraging residents to take advantage of the town’s new bicycle lanes. It’s zero emissions, and an efficient way to exercise! You may find that for short trips, choosing to bike instead of taking the car doesn’t add much time. Google maps allows users to select a bicycle icon and get cycling specific directions, helping riders find backroads routes to familiar destinations.

Have thoughts on the biking topic? Reach out to Wellesley’s Bicycle Safety Committee and help make Wellesley an even better biking community.

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Kelly Caiazzo

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