Looking for Volunteers to Interview Food Waste Vendors

Phyllis Theermann
Image thanks to, Waste & Resources Action Programme

Image thanks to, Waste & Resources Action Programme

Volunteers needed:

As part of our WasteWise Wellesley initiative, we are looking for ways to reduce waste that goes to landfills.  Food waste is a particular problem because it emits methane gas as it deteriorates in the landfill, a greenhouse gas as much as 80 times worse for the climate than carbon dioxide.  Food waste as a percentage of our residential trash is estimated to be 20% to 30% by weight.

We have a number of initiatives underway that address diverting surplus food and food waste.  Among these are the pilot project at Bates School that will hopefully be rolled out to other schools, diversion of surplus cooked food from WMS that is sent to Wellesley’s Food Pantry and the colleges’ food waste diversion that is mandated by the State.  We are looking to expand our activities.

We are looking to form a Working Group that would interview the current vendors that provide small scale food waste pick up services in the Boston area that are currently delivered to composting sites.  We have identified 3 vendors to interview but there might be several more.

The goal is to fully educate ourselves on how each of these services works in terms of logistics and economics and to see if this better understanding will point us to new initiatives.

Anyone interested in working on this should email Ellen Korpi at ellenkorpi1@gmail.com.

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