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In an effort to add more sustainabilty practices around the schools, the Wellesley Facilities Department is conducting a pilot project of the Tennant Orbio os3 Generator at Wellesley High School.

The Orbio Multi-Surface Cleaner is certified as environmentally responsible by Green Seal, an independent, science-based standards developer. The multi-surface cleaner uses a dilution of a product that meets Green Seal Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentration of a product, minimized/recycled packaging, and protective limits on VOCs and human & environmental toxicity.

This machine uses water, water softening tablets (salt), and an electrostatic charge to make a multi surface cleaner and disinfectant that can replace 3 to 4 of currently dispensed chemicals.

Michael T. Santangelo, Custodial Services Manager, Facilities Maintenance Department for the Town of Wellesley, said “this easy and efficient means of making-your-own cleaners, also has the added benefits of no fuel used to deliver the product, and less cardboard and plastic packaging added into the waste stream.”

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