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Mass Horticultural Society’s School Garden Conference: Beyond Education will take place this Thursday, February 23 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the Hunnewell Building.

Their third annual school garden conference will feature workshops that explore regional best practices for planning and running a garden that will not only meet educational goals, but also provide opportunities for a diverse student body, and make connections within the school community and beyond.

A variety of workshops will support interested parents and volunteers, teachers and administrators—those who have established gardens and those just breaking ground.


Garden in Woods promotes awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the botanical and natural world through experiential and inquiry-based learning.

They now offer programs that meet MA STEM curriculum standards. Each k-4th grade garden visit is one hour long and is accompanied by pre- and post- classroom activities. Programs are led by committed teacher-naturalists who guide students in hands-on field investigations of plant life, diverse habitats, and the effects of weather and climate.

Could be a unique field trip for your school.

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