DEADLINE EXTENDED- Unified Plan — Your Thoughts On Wellesley’s Future

Phyllis Theermann

As you know, the Town of Wellesley is currently preparing the Unified Plan, planning for our future. A draft is now available and they are looking for public input.

Please take a look at the draft here, or read parts of it including the Sustainability Resilience, and Green Practices, the Mobility and Circulation (especially you bikers!), Public Health and Wellness, Natural Resources and Conservation chapters.

Consider reviewing it, mindful of some of these general themes:

-Climate resilience and mitigation
-Renewable energy
-GHG emission reduction and energy efficiency
-Pesticide reduction
-Native plants and trees
-Tree and open space protection
-Waste and litter reduction

They are looking for YOUR feedback to the plan. Please share it here.

Remember, the goal is to identify the visions and priorities of Wellesley residents and set goals and priorities for issues ranging from land use planning, economic development, housing, transportation, and education, to Town government operations and finance.

Creating a livable, innovative and fiscally-sound Wellesley in the future, is something we can all agree on.

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