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Renew Wellesley, a Wellesley College student organized campaign, aims to have its institution to be accountable for its actions.

Thus, they are calling on the Board of Trustees, President Paula Johnson, Vice President for Finance and Admission and Treasurer Piper Orton, and Provost Andrew Shennan to make the most responsible decision regarding Wellesley College’s energy.

Wellesley College’s  Campus Energy Strategy Committee is in the process of crafting five potential energy plans which incorporate a range of renewable energy options. This committee will present these plans for a vote to the Board of Trustees beginning on June 1st. These plans are not yet finalized, and its specifics are not public.

In the meantime, students are sharing their educated concerns for the future. They are asking that the power plan presented by the Committee, incorporates the most renewable energy, irrespective of short-term cost. They see this as an ideal first step towards a commitment for 100% renewable energy by 2040. This is something they are asking the College to commit to as well.

Thus, Renew Wellesley is encouraging students, faculty, alumni, organizations, and Wellesley town residents to read and consider signing this petition by April 21st. The letter impresses upon the Administration’s moral obligation as a significant energy consumer to follow the College’s motto and minister responsibly unto those most affected by climate change.

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