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Phyllis Theermann

School Committee and Natural Resource Commission Seeking Action on Gas Leaks Near Schools

Did you know that there are roughly 200 active gas leaks near homes, schools, and businesses in Wellesley? An independent study commissioned by Wellesley’s Natural Resources Commission shows that the leaks are even more extensive than those reported by National Grid. Click here for map. The gas company is required by law to prioritize for repair any gas leak that present an explosion risk, or that is on or within 50 feet of a school zone (click here for the statute). Click here to see gas leaks near your school.  The School Committee and the NRC plan to request that National Grid take action on these gas leaks.  This important issue will be discussed at the upcoming School Committee meeting on May 8th at 6:30pm at the Town Hall in the Juilani Room. It is first on the agenda that night.  Please attend to learn more about this public health and environmental problem in Wellesley.

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