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Phyllis Theermann

For the past few years, our family has been taking the Plastic Free July challenge — spending the month of July making an intentional effort to reduce our single-use disposable plastic waste. The challenge has helped us focus on finding new ways to avoid plastic and we’ve been able to adopt those new habits throughout the year. We started with some simple changes such as switching to reusable bags, and reusable to-go cups and utensils. Then we moved on to things like bar shampoo (no plastic bottle!), crackers that don’t come in plastic (Wasa brand!), eliminating plastic wrap (use foil or beeswax wrap!).

The Plastic Free July campaign started in 2011 in Perth, Australia, and has grown into a world-wide movement, involving more than 2 million people in 159 countries. Now that China has stopped accepting plastic waste for recycling, we all have an even bigger incentive to cut back to help keep our environment and our oceans from being overwhelmed by plastic.

If you are wondering how you can get started, just visit the Plastic Free July website to find tips and answers to common questions. You can also find Plastic Free July on Facebook and Twitter (@plasticfreejuly). We’ll be writing about more resources during the month of July to help inspire you to #ChooseToRefuse plastic waste!

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