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As of July 1, Wellesley’s sewer rates will rise based on the amount of water you use. See the letter sent to your home or email with your recent bill for more specifics. Use this as a discussion point with your family to use less water in your home as a measure of conservation and cost. Here are a few tips from the EPA.

In addition, Wellesley’s Municipal Light Plant is working with National Grid to offer energy assessments which can help you save energy and money. Learn more here and below.

From National Gird:
Drafty rooms, noisy appliances, groaning boilers—ever wonder if your home is trying to tell you something? Maybe it’s time to find out with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. Your National Grid Energy Specialist will come to your home, complete an attic-to-basement evaluation, and provide a custom home energy report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements. Please call 1-855-891-9899 to schedule an assessment of your 1 to 4 unit home.

In addition, you’ll receive the following no-cost upgrades:

-7-day programmable thermostat or a no-cost or discounted Wi-Fi enabled thermostat
-ENERGY STAR® certified LED light bulbs
-Faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads
-Advanced power strips
-Based on your assessment, you may be eligible for:

        -An instant incentive for 75% off insulation (or based on your household income, you could receive an enhanced offer of 90% off insulation).
– No-cost air sealing of leaks in drafty areas of your home
-Rebates of up to $3,500 for upgrading to qualifying energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating equipment
-The opportunity to apply for 0% financing for eligible upgrades through the HEAT Loan program

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