What To Do With That Extra Watermelon

Kelly Caiazzo

Summer is watermelon season! But unless you’re slicing for a crowd, an entire watermelon can be hard to use. It’s no fun looking in your fridge five days later and finding half of a large, over-ripe watermelon taking up valuable real estate.

That might be one reason supermarkets sell all those pre-sliced chunks in plastic containers. But why not skip the plastic and slice into a fresh watermelon instead? Serve whatever you’ll eat that day, and cut and freeze the rest in a mason jar. Having watermelon chunks in the freezer is a summer staple in our house. Frozen watermelon makes delicious blended drinks or a hydrating antioxidant-filled treat as is.

It may even help reduce muscle soreness after a workout!

Here are some great uses for frozen watermelon:

-Freeze chunks on reusable chopsticks for an alternative to popsicles

-Add frozen chunks to margaritas

-Blend with a little lime juice and water for a refreshing summer spritzer

-Toss into smoothies to sweeten them

-Make watermelon sorbet by processing frozen watermelon in a food processor

-Freezing Food You Suspect You Won’t Finish Is A Great Way To Reduce Food Waste

When it’s clear that we’re going to have more food than we’ll eat I’ll often freeze half immediately after preparing it. Once food has been on the table freezing it is less appealing, and it often gets stuck in our fridge. Sometimes that works great, sometimes we get tired of eating leftovers and food goes to waste. But having a batch of three bean chili in the freezer that I can pull out on a rainy day, or a dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies? That’s when leftovers are awesome. That and watermelon margaritas, of course.

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Kelly Caiazzo

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