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Kelly Caiazzo

The end of August and Labor Day Weekend have many people squeezing in a few last trips to the beach. If you’re one of those people, we invite you to take the 3 Pieces of Plastic Challenge and leave the beach cleaner than you left it!

Every time the tide comes in, the ocean brings us a gift; the chance to take back some of our plastic before it harms marine life. Even beaches that seem pristine at first glance will yield bits of plastic, large and small, caught in the seaweed or half-buried in the sand.

My mother is an avid beach-trash picker. She brings a bucket or a mesh bag every time she goes to the beach, and she picks up a full load of plastic and hauls it away when she leaves. Sometimes people will stop her and ask what she’s collecting; sometimes they’ll tell her that they’re going to start picking up plastic, too.

Those conversations are the best. Because what would happen if everyone picked up a few pieces of plastic every time we went to the beach?

The non-profit company “Take 3 For the Sea” is encouraging beach-goers to do just that. And you don’t need to haul a bucket to take three pieces of trash; you can them those into a side pocket of your beach bag without much hassle. (But by all means, bring a bucket and challenge your family or friends to fill it with you.)

Want to help reduce ocean plastic, but not headed to the beach? Here are a few ways you can help.

  • Reduce your seafood consumption. Fishing equipment is one of the largest contributors to plastic pollution in our oceans.
  • Plan ahead and bring reusables so you can decline single-use plastics
  • Choose backyard-compostable items over plastic for parties
  • Decline straws
  • Bring your own reusable shopping bags – store them in the car so you always have them
  • Buy unpackaged foods when possible
  • Use a Guppy-Friend for washing fleeces and synthetic fibers
  • Support an ocean clean-up non-profit (like 4Ocean etc.) as a gift for an ocean-loving friend

You can read more about how plastic gets in our oceans here.

Taking the 3-Piece or Full Bucket Challenge? Send us your beach-trash photos and we’ll include them in a future post! You can email them to kelly.caiazzo@gmail.com.

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Kelly Caiazzo

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