Thank You Sarah!

Phyllis Theermann

We are grateful to our fabulous summer intern Sarah Bower, a WHS grad and a sophomore at Bucknell University.

She was behind the scenes working on a variety of projects including:

  • Making the “Banquet in a Box” a reality! Stay tuned for more information all PTO parents!

  • You may have met her during this year’s July Jubilation, which she not only staffed but help organize

  • Assisted in our town wide initiative to reduce plastic single-use straws from local businesses

  • Compiled a list of sustainable landscapers and gardeners so go check it out and give them a try – go pesticide free!

  • Spoke at various town meetings to encourage those in town government to consider sustainable options

  • Worked on the “Sewing Bee” project

Thanks again Sarah and have a great semester. We will miss you.

If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming an intern for Sustainable Wellesley, please email us

We are looking for enthusiastic, hard working folks interested in taking on various initiatives intended to decrease negative environmental impacts on our community.  They will work has part of a team, learn collaborative skills and how to engage in constructive discussions focused on improving the success of Sustainable Wellesley and broadening it’s reach on our local community.  Additionally, they will be asked to do independently research, and organize into user friendly ways that enable Wellesley residents to make sustainable changes in their own lives. Hours are be flexible. Plus its FUN and meaningful!

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