NRC Public Forum on Pond Health Will Encourage Education and Action

Phyllis Theermann

The Wellesley Natural Resources Commission (NRC) will host a community forum on pond health on Thursday, October 18 at 7 p.m. as part of its continuing Grow Green Wellesley initiative.

“SAVING OUR PONDS: What Wellesley is Doing and How You Can Help” will examine the current health of Wellesley ponds and educate residents on ways to keep them protected. The forum will be held in the Kingsbury Room at the Wellesley Police Station located at 485 Washington Street.

“Environmental education is a key part of the NRC mission and through this forum we hope to encourage residents to become stakeholders in protecting our most precious and fragile resource – water,” said NRC director Brandon Schmitt. Forum topics will focus on the importance of pond health, threats to our ponds, current and planned pond preservation activities, and most important, ways residents can become involved in protecting our ponds.

The forum will feature experts on pond management including: Julie Dyer Wood, Director of Projects for the Charles River Watershed Association; Morses Pond Manager Ken Wagner of Water Resources Services; and Richard Howell, President of Friends of Morses Pond and Chair of the Wellesley Wetlands Protection Committee.

Guest Speakers:
– Julie Dyer Wood, M.S., Director of Projects for the Charles River Watershed Association on how you can minimize your impact on water resources
– Ken Wagner, Ph.D., Manager of Water Resources Services on Wellesley’s Comprehensive Pond Management Plan
– Richard Howell, Chair of the Wetlands Protection Committee and President of Friends of Morses Pond on how to advocate for your pond

“Saving Our Ponds” is co-sponsored by the Wellesley Department of Public Works, Recreation Department, Sustainable Wellesley, Friends of Morses Pond, and the Friends of Brookside, and is free and open to the public.

For more information contact the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission at, or 781-431-1019, x2294.

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