Having A “Less Waste” Birthday With Reusable Wrapping

Kelly Caiazzo

My son just turned 8!

I learned how to sew Furoshiki wrapping cloths for Sustainable Wellesley’s “Reusables” booth last year at the Wellesley Marketplace, and this year I learned how to sew drawstring bags to contribute.

We’ve been “upcycling” cloth remnants donated to us for our Sustainable Wellesley Marketplace Wrapping booth this year, but for our own home, I decided not to tap into the stash of donations but to let my kids pick out special fabric to have their birthday presents wrapped in year after year.

The result is a beautiful (I think) group of coordinated bags and furoshiki wraps that allow us to wrap presents for the kids in seconds instead of minutes. Cleanup after present opening was super quick, and now the cloths are all folded in a small stack to go into a closet and await the next birthday.

Not everyone sews, but cloth gift bags and furoshiki cloths can be purchased if you don’t want to make your own. After seeing how they worked for my family this year I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the investment. Besides, you can visit the Sustainable Wellesley Booth at Marketplace this year and get your stash started with one free reusable wrap from us!

Thanks to all the people who have donated fabric (especially the Griffin family) and to those who have sewn Furoshiki cloths for our upcoming booth (notably Nerine Warasta in a strong lead).

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Kelly Caiazzo
Kelly Caiazzo

Kelly is a plant-based runner living in Wellesley, MA.

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