2019 Candidate For Moderator Response

Mark Kaplan

In my private life I have tried for years to be a “good citizen” on environmental issues by such actions as owning hybrid vehicles, recycling our family’s waste products and following the recommendations of an energy audit of our condominium unit.

However, as you know, the position of Moderator is unique in its requirement of impartiality in the discharge of its public responsibilities. Therefore, I do not believe that it would be appropriate for me to comment publicly on my substantive views of any issues that might be raised at the Town Meeting on which people might have different views either pro or con which certainly includes environmental sustainability.

Accordingly, all that I feel comfortable in saying in response to the questions that you have raised is that in my public role I will endeavor to insure that members of advocacy groups such as yours will have the same opportunity as the members of all other advocacy groups to address the Town Meeting provided that their comments stay within the four corners of the warrant article under consideration and within the established time limits.

Similarly, I would hope that Sustainable Wellesley would, like other advocacy groups, feel free to bring to my attention the names of qualified candidates for the boards and committees to which the Moderator makes appointments to insure that there is a diversity of viewpoints among those who may be considered for such appointments.


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