WHAT?? Imagine Filling Fenway Park With Trash 30 Times In A Year! That’s the projected exported #s for MA by 2025! 

Phyllis Theermann

“We have a ‘waste’ problem,” said Jeff Azano-Brown, RDF Superintendent at a recent presentation in Wellesley. If you missed it, watch it here thanks to Wellesley Media.

The good new is that the current crisis in recycling gives us the opportunity to take a look at how we handle waste.

The United States generates 30% of the world’s waste and only comprises 4% of the world’s population.

Massachusetts is projected to export 40% of our trash out of state by 2025.  That’s enough trash to fill Fenway Park 30 times per year.

We need to clean up our recycling and reduce our waste.

Wellesley has several programs to assist in this effort and the RDF is one of them.

The food waste program at the RDF is a new initiative to increase recycling and is now open to all residents.  To learn more about the program click here or call 781-235-7600 extension 3345.

Thanks to Wellesley’s League of Women Voters, the UU Church in Wellesley for sponsoring this event.

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