Revolution in Wellesley?!?


Is there a transportation revolution in Wellesley?  Last year Plug-in car sales increased by 58% bringing the total number to more than 200 cars.  Plug-in cars include Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV).

Did you know:

  1. Transportation is responsible for ~43% of Wellesley’s greenhouse gas emission

  2. Each Plug-in car is capable of reducing emissions comparable to a residential solar installation

  3. There are already 24 different model plug-in cars owned by Wellesley residents

Did you ever wonder:

  1. How do Electric vehicle costs compare to gasoline vehicles

  2. How long will the battery last

  3. Is an electric vehicle practical as a family car

Do 200 cars qualify as a revolution?  Time will tell… Today’s questions is, will your next car be powered by electricity?  With 5 years and more than 60k miles of electric vehicle experience Scott Bender would like to help you find the answer.  Ask questions, share your story or enjoy a test ride of a Chevy Volt or Tesla Model 3. Contact Scott

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