Cake Pans, Electronic Keyboard, International Plugs, Karaoke Machine, Save Memories Kit, Tape to Digital Converters. All Yours With A Library Card

Phyllis Theermann

It has happened to all of us. You are home and in need of something but don’t really want to spend money on it, or go out and find one.

Did you know you can borrow things easily from the Wellesley Free Library’s Library of Things? They have a wide collection of non-traditional library items and the collection is ever-expanding. See full list here.

Imagine, with the power of your library card you can borrow these and 100+ other items!

Adapters of all kinds
Birding kit
Cake Pan
Electronic Keyboard
International Plugs
Karaoke Machine
Luggage Scale
Save Memories Kit
Tape to Digital Converter
Tool kits and more!

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