Students Ask Leaders to Take Swift Climate Action NOW

Phyllis Theermann

The Wellesley Student Climate Action on Friday was one of the largest demonstrations in recent history at Town Hall. From pre schoolers to life learning adults, Wellesley students of all ages were some of the more than 4 million people who went on Climate Strike across the world. The goal was to let elected officials and world leaders know that students want swift climate action now.

The Wellesley College student group that organized the event, EnAct, demanded that the Town of Wellesley formally commit to go to 100% renewable energy by 2025, and to share a plan on how to get there. In addition, they asked for concrete action to significantly reduce carbon emissions in the town of Wellesley by 2025. They requested that the plans do not negatively impact minorities or people at risk.

“We want a just, sustainable energy transition for the town of Wellesley by 2025,” EnAct said in a statement.

Interested in ways you can encourage local and state officials to meet these demands? Email for more information.

Step up by registering to vote.

In addition, there are many actionable things you can do as an individual to make a difference.  Go to the Take Action section of the Sustainable Wellesley website for a drop down menu of options.


A training on Environmental Justice and Action –  Thursday, September 26, from 7 to 9 pm (refreshments start at 6:30 pm) UU Wellesley Hills, 309 Washington Street, Wellesley

Climate Change – A conversation about its causes,  affects & and what you can do – Wednesday, Sept. 25, 7pm – 8:30pm at the Natick Community Senior Center,  117 E Central St. in Natick

Sustainable Wellesley Action Meeting – Sunday, October 20th from 2-3:30pm held in the Village Church

Green Collaborative meeting- Oct. 24 – 9-11am @ Wellesley Free Library (Wakelin Room). Topic: Beneficial Electrification Through Electric Vehicles

Showing of the film From Paris to Pittsburgh on Nov. 14th at UU Wellesley’s, with discussion following

Wellesley Green Schools Meeting – Nov. 15 9-10:30am in Sprague School Cafeteria

An Evening with the Candidates – March 8th – Learn who has environmental and climate friendly visions before you cast your vote

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