Action Groups

Action Groups Are The Way To Get Involved, On Your Terms

Sustainable Wellesley hosts Action Group meetings every six weeks that let people get together and work on issues and opportunities as a team. Anyone is welcome to our meetings, which are posted on our Calendar, and if you don’t want to work on a project you don’t have to! Today we have teams of five or more people working on :

  • Solar Power
  • Transportation
  • Business Benefits of Sustainability 2016
  • Town Meeting Green Caucus
  • Plastic Bag Ban

There are other smaller teams too, and members are very welcome to create their own team around a subject they feel strongly about. So come to one of meetings and find out if we can help you have more impact. We’re a fun group rather than preachy – the point is to work together to make things better, not blame each other for not being perfect.

Put yourself down for one of the groups here.

Where Did The Action Groups Start?

The original idea came from the September 2014 Climate March when we took over 100 people to New York and joined over 400,000 who stood up to be counted as climate champions. On the busses on the way back we asked if people would like to stay involved, and a lot said they would. Meanwhile the five leaders of SW wanted to keep doing more but were running out of bandwidth. So suddenly we knew all these interested, motivated people who were doing things on their own and we realized that if we created a little structure we could all work on bigger projects. We launched the Action Groups, found out what people cared most about and quickly formed teams to focus on important projects. By making teams people were able to focus and get as involved as they wanted to, those that wanted to lead could lead, and those will special skills or interests could work on their favorite part.

How Do I Get Involved?

Come to one of our meetings, or send an email to to let us know that you’re interested.