Candidates for Library Trustees 2018

The Board of Trustees of the Wellesley Free Library is a six member board of local residents who are elected to three-year terms of office.  Trustees deal with the general oversight of all library services and policies.  Through an ongoing planning process, they assess the Library’s needs and its role in town.  They establish policies and procedures for the Library that reflect the needs of the community and which are consistent with national standards set by the American Library Association.Trustees work with the Library Director to prepare a budget that will provide services to the community in a fiscally responsible way.  Through the Director, they supervise library property and facilities that consist of a main library and two branches.


1. What is your track record on environmental sustainability, including any related interests, experience, or initiatives?

[Maura Murphy] – no response

[Diane Savage] – As an incumbent Trustee, I’m proud of our Library’s commitment to sustainability.  Although, libraries have always served as examples of recycling (e.g. books, and later IPads, etc.), our most recent initiative, our “Library of Things,” circulates (recycles) non-reading material that might otherwise be purchased and discarded after minimal use.  A patron can now borrow binoculars, a telescope, and even a birding kit, and then return it to the Library for continued use and enjoyment.   I am proud that our Library is partnering with Sustainable Wellesley in soliciting tangible donations to our Library of Things in an effort to minimize what might otherwise be wasteful consumption.

I am also pleased to have supported the partnership between our library and the MLP in acquiring/installing our solar-powered bench.  I believe this is a great example of how technology and sustainability can work in concert, in this case charging a device via our solar-powered bench.

We are also in the process of transforming the Fells library into early childhood learning center/library.  Part of that initiative involves maintaining a garden on the premises that will serve as a teaching tool about the beauty and value of nature, as well as about responsibility for its stewardship.


2.  How do you see sustainability as a factor in the development of policy and strategic goals for the Wellesley Free Library system?

[Maura Murphy] – no response

[Diane Savage] – As an incumbent, I am proud to be part of a board that routinely considers the environmental impact of our decisions.  From the solar-powered bench, to the Library of Things, to replacing light bulbs with those that are more energy efficient (to name only a few), we realize that Library is in a unique position to lead by example.  In fact, our mission statement includes the “ethical and fiscally responsible stewardship…of public … resources,” the most important of which I consider are our natural resources. 


3. How is environmental sustainability incorporated into the current proposal for renovations to the main library building and the plans for other library facilities?

[Maura Murphy] – no response

[Diane Savage] – I serve on the sub-committee that is reviewing the feasibility of renovating the interior of the Library.  Because 20 years have elapsed since the drafting of plans for the current building, I believe that we need to bring the Library up-to- date in order provide the best possible service to our patrons.  One of the first things we did after completing our feasibility study was to call a joint meeting with members of Sustainable Wellesley for review of our proposal and open discussion.  The purpose of the meeting was to get input from Sustainable Wellesley PRIOR to proceeding with any proposed plans.  

The representative group supported the study to “update” our library in a manner consistent with sustainability.  (The proposed project intends to minimize waste (by re-using materials), use sustainable and energy efficient materials where possible, and hopefully incorporate some joint initiatives with Sustainable Wellesley, many of which we hope will serve to educate children about incorporating sustainability into their lives).  

As a member of the current board of Library Trustees, I am committed to making sure that the Library continues its tradition of forward-thinking sustainability.