Candidates for Town Clerk 2018

It is the mission of the office of the Town Clerk to be a primary provider of information and quality services to the community and to work cooperatively and in coordination with the varied departments and groups while performing a myriad of tasks to achieve established goals and comply with state and local statutes.

1.What is your track record on environmental sustainability, including any related interests, experience, or initiatives

[Ronald Alexander] – no response

[KC Kato] – During my time in Wellesley, I have supported sustainability efforts in my house as well in the town.  I commend the many sustainability focused organizations on the significant impact they have made during my 25 years in Wellesley.  As a PTO and Central Council leader, a Town Meeting Member and a School Committee Member, I actively encouraged the launching of the Wellesley Green Schools Initiative and the Sustainable Energy Committee.  I was involved in the Wellesley High School Project as the Central Council/PTO liaison to the School Building Committee and then later as a School Committee Member.  Throughout the process, I supported the green design that incorporated many green features such as rainwater harvesting system, green roof, solar array, geothermal wells to provide heat and cooling, and many others.

2.How do you see the role of Town Clerk in advancing efforts to adopt environmentally friendly practices for Town?

[Ronald Alexander] – no response

[KC Kato] – If elected Town Clerk, I hope to:

– Increase the use of digital records;
– Work to decrease the amount of paper required in the new early voting program;

– Encourage the inclusion of green design elements in the Town Hall redesign;
– And as a collaborator with and connector of people, groups, resources and ideas, continue being a green advocate by providing information to new and not so new Wellesley residents on the many ways they can be more sustainable, such as encourage engagement in Wellesley sustainability organizations, promote participation in the Voluntary Renewable Energy Program, and advocate for the use of the resources at the RDF such as composting, the Reusables Area, and recycling.