Phyllis Theermann

We know this is a busy time of year.
But please take a moment to breath and enjoy the season.

Also, have a look at our Event Calendar because 2018 is already filling up with some fabulous events.

The variety is great. Some highlights are below.

Al Gore comes to Wellesley College!
Conservation Council talk at the Wellesley Rotary Club
Talks about eating locally & seasonally
Sustainable Wellesley party
Documentary and dinner evenings
Wellesley Green Schools summit
RDF’s talk on reducing food waste at the Hills Library
Grow your own garden talk at the Hills Library
Learn about raising backyard chickens
Author of Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World speaks

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you.

Lise Olney

Bring on the bells and the bustle—the holiday season is here! As we rush to prepare, we sometimes reach for what seems most convenient rather than what is more sustainable. Thanks to Sustainable Wellesley member Kelly Caiazzo, we have a handy guide with low-waste gift ideas and resources that will give your family and friends simple ways to reduce their waste — all year long.

Click here for the Sustainable Wellesley Holiday Gift Guide with ideas for reusable gifts that keep on giving! 

My own family has been working to reduce our waste all year. In October, we fit all our landfill waste into one tiny paper bag! Here are some of the ways we plan to reduce our waste over the holidays:

– Eliminate “disposables:” We have stocked up on inexpensive cloth napkins, glassware, ceramic plates, and flatware for parties—eliminating all disposables. Overnight houseguests get their own reusable bags, reusable coffee cups, and bamboo utensils so they don’t bring “to-go” trash back to the house.

– Wrap with reusables: There are many easy ways to wrap gifts — beautifully — without using wrapping paper and ribbon! We have cloth gift bags that we’ve been reusing for years and Kelly Caiazzo has introduced us to the Japanese style of tying cloth around gifts of all shapes and sizes. Click here for a video demo.

– Shop in the bulk food section and avoid plastic and non-recyclable packaging: Buying in the bulk section eliminates a lot of packaging. We avoid products that have “hidden” packaging that can’t be recycled — such as crackers with a plastic pouch inside. (Wasa brand crackers are packaged entirely in recyclable paper.)

– Manage food waste: We are participating in the food waste program at the Wellesley Recycling & Disposal Facility so we have eliminated all food waste from our landfill trash. (Thanks, RDF!)

Please send us YOUR favorite tips for reducing waste and we will include them in a Sustainable Wellesley update:

Phyllis Theermann

Swing by the Great Hall in Town Hall TONIGHT for the Unified Plan Open House between 7 & 9pm.

Learn more about ideas for preserving and enhancing Wellesley’s environmental resources, natural and recreational open spaces. Other main topics include housing, town government, zoning, transportation and economic development. Share your ideas on these and other important sustainable issues facing Wellesley.