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Spring Weekly Challenge: Change Begins With You!

challenge yourselfSustainable Wellesley’s Weekly Challenge gives you an opportunity to put some simple lifestyle changes at the top of your to-do list. Together we can make the process easier and build more sustainable habits!

Many of us want to be more diligent about taking steps toward a more sustainable life, but we aren’t sure what to do first, or how to fit the process into our busy lives.

For the next few weeks, starting on March 23 and running through May 11, 2014, we challenge you to adopt one simple, more sustainable habit each week.

Every week, we will suggest a new challenge. Some may take more thought or planning but we will help you along the way—and the results will be worth it!

And don’t worry if you fall “behind”—just jump right in wherever you are!

Follow us on Facebook for ideas and tips from neighbors who are taking on the challenges with you. Sharing our experiences will help us all to be accountable to ourselves and inspire others to make changes as well.

Collectively we can move the needle and prove that small actions create real change.

These challenges come from Sustainable Wellesley’s first Checklist. If you find that you have already completed a challenge, just go to our website and take a look at the range of checklists we offer. There is always something we can recommend!

Email us with any questions and suggestions.

Congrats for taking the first step!

Challenge #1:

We are starting with an EASY challenge!

All you need to do is join us at Wellesley’s

Big Solar Kick-Off Event

 March 26th, from 7-9 pm

Sprague School Cafeteria (401 School Street)

Experts will discuss the 

portion of solar postcardIf you can’t make it, just click to learn about solar and other Wellesley opportunities including!

  • See where your home is leaking heat from a free thermal image
  • Get a no-cost home energy assessment
  • Participate or increase the amount of renewable energy you are purchasing from our Light Plant
  • Receive… for the 1st time in Wellesley history… a group discount and Wellesley Municipal Light Plant rebate to install solar panels



Phyllis Theermann

There are many things going on this time of year.


From Babson’s Energy and Environment Conference, to the Solar Kick Off Event, Walks and a Coyote lecture, there seems to be something for everyone.

Please be sure to check out our Calendar area to see what interests YOU!



Phyllis Theermann

Wellesley Green Schools, with support from the Wellesley Police Department, realizes this is a tough time of year to discuss the State of Massachusetts’ no Idling law but there are many reasons TO talk about it.

These include our children, our health, finances, gas consumption, penalties, car maintenance, air pollution, climate change and much more.

Wellesley Green Schools is launching this “Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free” Campaign to educate our community that beyond the State law of not idling, there are millions of reasons why it is important to reduce idling in Wellesley.

Take a look at this and you will be surprised at what you will learn.

Idling_infographic_FINALWe thank the many local public and private organizations that are supporting this initiative. For more information, go to