Phyllis Theermann

Jessica, center in black jacket, receiving an answer to her thoughtful question at a Harvard event

Jessica Langerman, one of Sustainable Wellesley’s leaders, is pursuing a full-time position with Citizens Climate Lobby. Thank you Jessica for all you have done to engage the residents, businesses, and the Town of Wellesley in the actions required for sustainability.

This leaves a place for YOU

Although we will miss her energy, ideas, cheerfulness, and constructive can-do-spirit, we are delighted that she is going into such a significant role. If Sustainable Wellesley had any part in her transition, and we can keep producing such committed climate folks, we would be thrilled.

With other former Sustainable Wellesley leaders such as Molly Fairchild, Katy Gibson and Mary Gard in a variety of key places within our community, our network and influence is only growing.

Jessica, we wish you continued success.

Thus, Sustainable Wellesley seeks a leadership team member. 

We all have many different backgrounds, timetables and shoelaces (just checking to see if you are still reading), but feel moved to engage OUR community = the residents, businesses, and the Town of Wellesley in the actions required for sustainability.

We host events, write stories for local media and our website, research and promote causes beyond our borders, share knowledge about everything from light bulbs, to fracking, greening parties and much more.

We have a one hour weekly conference call, but tend to share ideas and manage initiatives via email from near and far.

Want to do more?

Please contact us at

We promise insightful, meaningful and fun interactions.



Phyllis Theermann

This weekend Robert accomplished one of his green projects.

He changed out ten 50W halogen flood bulbs in his basement for ten 8W LEDs.

Here are the results:

Before:    500W

After:       80W

Bulbs Cost: $300

Yearly cost savings:  $50  (Assumes 11/c per kWh)

Payback period: 6 years (assuming 3 hours usage per day)

Lifetime savings:      $800 (over 22 years)

Unlike CFLs, the new LEDs have a warm look, no mercury, are dimmable and go on instantly. 

Light Facts

Light Facts

Go grab some new lights for your home. With the new standard light fact labels right on the box, accomplishing one of your green projects will be easier.

Tell us about your latest green project here.

Phyllis Theermann

Featured tip from the Wellesley Energy Action Guide is to reduce your thermostat 10 degrees for 8 hours.

According to the Department of Energy, households can achieve savings of as much as 1% for each degree if the setback period is eight hours long.  That’s as much as 10% savings for a ten degree setback overnight and even more for a larger setback on vacation!

Sustainable Wellesley used a Nest web connected thermostat to see how much could be saved on a December getaway…

Image (below) shows how the heating system was affected by reducing the temperature for 5 days from December 26 – 31.  The red bars indicate when the furnace was running and the red circles indicate temperature setting.  The “Away” setting was 50 degrees.  The heat barely needed to run for the first 2 days as the house temperature dropped.  Including more than 5 hours of re-heat time the vacation setback reduced home heating by 30%!

With a little help from a programmable thermostat or a web connected thermostat, like the Nest, the house is already heated by the time the vacation is over.