Students, you may already know that there is a global, youth-led Climate Strike called by Greta Thunberg for September 20th.

Across the world, youth have been striking from their schools following the lead of Greta Thunberg. Greta and 42 other youth strike leaders have called for a global strike with adult support on 9/20 with a week of action to follow. There were three strikes in MA in the spring but a lot of students were not able to participate because dates didn’t line up with the public school schedules.

In Boston/ MA–Amalia ( and Audrey ( are the two young women leading strike in MA, with is “youth led and community supported.” They are organizing an event in Boston, some youth in Worcester and Lexington are also organizing their own strikes. 

This Google form is for youth leaders to register to get involved, and adults to get involved to support:

Other things we can do to support:

  • Connect youth in the community to the google form so they can get involved

  • Follow climatestrikema on Instagram

  • Fill out the 350 Mass Pledge to support youth climate strikes – The pledge is for adults who want to stand in solidarity on the day of the strike. Also – 350 Mass is willing to set up this pledge so that other organizations can have their own links to track and follow up with recruits – contact Vignesh with 350 Mass at

Phyllis Theermann

Sustainable Wellesley will be selling Asclepias incarnata/ swamp milkweed plants this Saturday at July Jubilation.

By planting milkweed in your yard, you are helping the monarch butterfly population. They need to eat milkweed to survive, plus these beautiful pink plants attract even more beautiful butterflies to your home!

Find us at from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm in front of Bruegger’s Bagels.

Come by and learn about new initiatives that the Natural Resources Commission and Sustainable Wellesley have going on.

Lucy Elwy, a Wellesley High School graduate, has just finished her first year studying Environmental Geoscience at Durham University in Durham, UK. This lifelong environmentalist is excited at the opportunity to be able to work to with Sustainable Wellesley this summer to improve the town she grew up in.

In the future, Lucy hopes to work in energy or infrastructure to move those industries toward a sustainable future.


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