Guided Walks to Inventory Bio-Diversity
Each time slot offers multiple walks, Starting locations below.
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Friday, April 26

10a-noon: Longfellow Pond and Town Forest; Guernsey Sanctuary,  Morses Pond; North 40 Vernal Pool

3-5:00p: Centennial Reservation; Morses Pond

Saturday, April 27
9a-noon: Charles River

10a-noon: Guernsey Sanctuary; Morses Pond

3-5:00p: Boulder Brook Reservation; Centennial Reservation; Guernsey Sanctuary; North 40 Vernal Pool

Sunday, April 28
10a-noon: Boulder Brook Reservation; Guernsey Sanctuary; Morses Pond; North 40 Vernal Pool

3-5:00p: Boulder Brook Reservation; Guernsey Sanctuary

Monday, April 29
10a-noon: Morses Pond; North 40 Vernal Pool

3-5:00p: North 40 Vernal Pool, Boulder Brook Reservation

Boulder Brook Reservation — 68 Elmwood Road
Charles River – Behind office building at 1 Washington St
Centennial – 135 Oakland Street
Guernsey Sanctuary – 163 Winding River Rd
Longfellow Pond – Parking lot at 224 Oakland Street
Morses Pond – End of Turner Rd
North 40 Vernal Pool – Beginning of Turner Rd on left, corner of Weston Road

This event is sponsored by the Wellesley Conservation Council, Wellesley’s non-profit land trust, and co-sponsored with the Natural Resources Commission, continues a series of local conservation activities this spring including Wellesley’s own City Nature Challenge April 26-29th. More details here.

The Wellesley Conservation Council, Wellesley non-profit land trust, offers free spring Sunday-morning bird walks beginning the 1st Sunday in May.

Beginners and novices are welcome. They explore areas not only in Wellesley but also in nearby towns. It is not uncommon to observe 30 species in their top breeding finery and vocalization! The leader will direct the group to the most promising birding site of the day. Binoculars, guide books, and waterproof footwear are advisable.

Except for the Mother’s Day trip to Mt. Auburn Cemetery, which meets at 7 a.m., all bird walks commence at 8 a.m. Sundays from the parking lot at the corner of Cameron and Washington Streets (next to the main Library).

Yellow Warbler (DGee) DSC_4888 (1).jpg

Date               Leader                     Time               Meeting Place
May 5        Natalie Starr              8:00 AM          Cameron and Washington St. Parking Lot (next to main Library)
May 12    
  Dan Gee                     7:00 AM         Cameron and Washington St. Parking Lot (Mother’s Day)
                                                                                         to car pool to Mount Auburn Cemetery
May 19      Natalie Starr              8:00 AM          Cameron and Washington St. Parking Lot  (Wellesley Wonderful Weekend)
May 26     
 Michael Tobin            8:00 AM          Cameron and Washington St. Parking Lot

The Wellesley Conservation Council, Wellesley’s 501(c)(3) non-profit land trust, protects 14 sanctuaries across more than 45 acres of natural land in Wellesley and bordering lands in Needham and Weston. More information about our mission, the sanctuaries, and membership can be found: and