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Please save the date to join us on Sunday, April 8th from 3.30-5.30pm for our next action meeting at 161 Oakland Street, in the studio above the garage. Topics include:

-Plastic straws reduction initiative
-Rachel Carson Day and parade
-Sewing/crafty folks to make bags and furoshiki wraps
-Creating a Sustainable Wellesley grant

Action meetings are open to everyone in our community. During these fun, yet actionable, timely meetings, we get together and work on issues and opportunities as a team.

Your ideas and input is important and the more folks working on projects, the more we accomplish. If you are limited on time, come to the meeting anyway and share your thoughts, even if you cant work on a project now. No problem.

Don’t see a topic you are concerned about, let us know

Never been before. No worries. We’re an easy going, fun group that works together to make things better.

Let us know if you will join in by emailing us at


Lise Olney

The Wellesley Town Election was on March 6 and now we’d like to follow up with a few quick questions for you to help us learn more about our members. Please click here to give us your feedback on the Town Election — even if you didn’t vote! Your responses will not be shared and the overall results will only be shared as general data.  

We want 2018 to be the year when environmental voters turn out in Wellesley — so we’re working on a new initiative to encourage our members to vote. Please help us get started by filling out our brief feedback form.

When people who are concerned with the environment vote, we all win. Thank you for participating!



If your home or apartment becomes more energy efficient, it is a win for both your budget and the environment.

On behalf of the Town’s Sustainable Energy Committee, Fred Bunger is conducting a seminar at 10 AM on Thursday, April 5th* at the Tolles Parsons Center, to help seniors take advantage of home energy assessments.

Current Wellesley Municipal Light Plant and Mass Save programs apply to single and multi-family homes, rentals and condos. During the free energy audit, LED retrofits are completed*. In addition, there are generous incentives (e.g. a 75% rebate on new insulation!) for following many of the recommendations in the audit.

Learn more at this event, or for gas heated homes call 855 891-9899, and for all others call 888 772-4242. For more information, call Fred Bunger at (781) 772-2027.


*This is updated information

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