Phyllis Theermann

**Make sure you have time on your calendar on Tuesday, March 5th to vote!**

Want to learn more about the candidates running and their thoughts on responsible, sustainable issues? Click here to see what they had to say at Sustainable Wellesley’s Conversations With The Candidates before election day on Tuesday.

In addition, click on the Board name below to read the thoughtful responses (and more detailed than the video above) that most candidates offered to Sustainable Wellesley’s questions.

Since many of the races are contested, knowing what the candidates value will help you when you go to vote.

After reading them, share your thoughts with family, friends and neighbors.

Selectmen – contested
Board of Health – contested
Housing Authority
Library Trustees 
Natural Resources Commission – contested
Planning Board –contested
Dept. of Public Works
Recreation Department – contested
School Committee


Is there a transportation revolution in Wellesley?  Last year Plug-in car sales increased by 58% bringing the total number to more than 200 cars.  Plug-in cars include Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV).

Did you know:

  1. Transportation is responsible for ~43% of Wellesley’s greenhouse gas emission

  2. Each Plug-in car is capable of reducing emissions comparable to a residential solar installation

  3. There are already 24 different model plug-in cars owned by Wellesley residents

Did you ever wonder:

  1. How do Electric vehicle costs compare to gasoline vehicles

  2. How long will the battery last

  3. Is an electric vehicle practical as a family car

Do 200 cars qualify as a revolution?  Time will tell… Today’s questions is, will your next car be powered by electricity?  With 5 years and more than 60k miles of electric vehicle experience Scott Bender would like to help you find the answer.  Ask questions, share your story or enjoy a test ride of a Chevy Volt or Tesla Model 3. Contact Scott

Phyllis Theermann

For those of you on Facebook looking for an easy way to interact with the Wellesley community, consider joining the Sustainable Living Wellesley Facebook group.

Folks are talking about leaf blowers, gardening ideas, toilet paper, potential electric vehicle purchases, gifting items they don’t use anymore, and much more!

You can ask questions, share ideas and have more of an exchange of ideas then simply reading the newsletter.

The idea of the virtual group is this…We are all looking for ways to be healthy, save money and resources, and generally be a bit kinder to our planet and each other. This FB group allows Wellesley residents and professionals — no matter what their level of environmental understanding — to share events, ideas, data, concerns, and links; ask questions; enhance education; encourage constructive discussion; and inspire a resilient, positive, and eco-friendly stewardship of Wellesley and beyond.

Our community has lots of creative, smart resources that have already made Wellesley a leader in sustainability. This space is likewise ideal for helping us all to make informed choices and simple acts for a positive, healthy, impactful environment — today and tomorrow.