Phyllis Theermann

Nothing says, “Welcome home” like a stack of junk mail!

Wellesley resident Jessica Langerman returned from vacation last month and faced a huge pile of unwanted catalogues, ads, and solicitations.

Jessica set to work and discovered that with a little determination, you can get off the commercial mailing lists that data brokers use to sell your personal information. You will no longer have to waste time handling unwanted mail, and you will be doing something positive for the environment. The production and distribution of bulk mail has a shockingly negative impact on the planet, contributing to deforestation, landfill mass, and the waste of billions of gallons of water.

There are a number of web-based organizations that can help you by removing your name from the databases of direct marketers.

Here are a few: offers a free service online–just go to the web site to sign up. The organization also offers a free app for the iPhone called MailStop Mobile, which allows you to take a picture of a piece of unwanted mail and upload it automatically. is another free iPhone app that allows you to simply take a photo of unwanted junk mail and automatically upload. is named for the 41 pounds of junk mail each American is estimated to receive every year. For a fee, this organization will contact 20 to 30 direct mail companies and have your name removed from their mailing lists.


The satisfaction of reclaiming your privacy while benefitting the environment could make opening your mailbox a little more pleasurable!

Phyllis Theermann

Sustainable Wellesley Congratulates the Town of Wellesley on becoming the first town in MA to be named a Green Power Community by the EPA!

Second in New England and trailing only Palo Alto, CA and Portland, Oregon in voluntary renewable energy. Way to go Wellesley.

SW partnered with many in the town to promote the Power To Choose program. This program enables residents to voluntarily purchase electricity from renewable sources procured by Wellesley’s Municipal Light Plant.

Join your neighbors!  Go to to put your stake in the ground, or in this case, dot on the map right now. The numbers are increasing all the time due to concerned citizens like you signing up for renewable energy.

Phyllis Theermann

The Town of Wellesley is Committed to Sustainability

We are surrounded with opportunities to reduce our impact on our environment, save money and increase our energy independence. The town of Wellesley has adopted a goal to reduce emissions to 10 percent below 2007 levels by 2013. Achieving the goal depends on town-wide action. Individual households can save up to $3,000 which is 12 tons of e-CO2 each year. Use the tips, tidbits and resources in this Wellesley Energy Action Guide to Step Up (reference to the RDF recycling program) and put your energy into action.

The 2012 Report from Wellesley’s town appointed Sustainable Energy Committee* shows our progress. Read it here

Town-Wide energy reduction:

To learn more about how Wellesley can achieve 10% reduction by 2013 click to view the Green Ribbon Study Committee – Wellesley Sustainable Energy Plan

A complete list of documents that are part of the Sustainable Energy Plan are  here.

* Wellesley’s Sustainable Energy Committee is a town appointed committee that proposes sustainable energy goals to reduce the Town’s greenhouse gas emissions from the municipal, residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors to Town Meeting.     This is different than Sustainable Wellesley which is a town volunteer organization.