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sustainable wellesley expo

Come join us and help our Town become a more sustainable community in clean energy, efficiency & conservation, and effective waste management to reduce CO2 emissions.

Learn more about how our residents, Colleges and local organizations are leading the effort to achieve the town-wide goal to reduce emissions 10% by 2013.
Help our Town become a more sustainable community, by implementing best practices in clean energy, efficiency & conservation, and effective waste management.

Learn what the Municipal Light Plant is doing to increase efficiency and develop renewable energy sources.

Enjoy exploring innovative green technologies at the morning EXPO – great for kids too!
Join other residents excited to share how they have already achieved 25 – 50% reduction in energy and emissions.

LEED home Wellesley

Bike powered light

Solar walkway light

Saturday, October 9, 2010
Wellesley Municipal Light Plant Wellesley Free Library
4 Municipal Way 530 Washington Street
10 am – 2pm 1 – 4:45 pm

Phyllis Theermann

… by Susan Maggioni

Today marks the 7th day my three daughters and I have biked our way to Sprague Elementary School. It may not sound like much, but we’ve only missed one day since school started and that was because of an early morning thunderstorm. We live two miles from Sprague and have committed ourselves as a family to ride our bikes whenever and wherever we can. So we bike to school, we bike to in-town doctor’s appointments, and we bike to the grocery store for milk.

Why do we ride our bikes and what does it mean to us? For me the answer is easy: I bike with my kids because I like to see them active. Yes, it’s green and I feel good that we’re doing our part to reduce our carbon foot print. Admittedly, we have a huge SUV that adds more than its share of CO2. But for 25 minutes every morning, we are outside, getting fresh air, waving to friends and enjoying our time together. Often, my husband runs alongside us and we all get our morning workout in!

I have so much enjoyed watching my daughters grow in strength and confidence since we’ve started our two mile trek each morning. My fourth grader now speeds on ahead and just loves the independence! And I’m amazed at how confident my second grader has become. Last year, she biked to school reluctantly, often complaining that it was too far or that she was too tired. But today, for instance, was a landmark day. Not only did she finally bike all the way up a particularly steep hill that she has always had to stop and walk up, but when she fell off her bike and skinned her knee (occupational hazard), she picked herself up, shrugged it off and kept going. Sure, she was shaky at first, but soon she was back to her energetic and cheerful pace, bloody knee and all.

So that’s why I bike to school with my kids. But as every parent knows it’s not about me, it’s about them. When I asked my daughters why they like to bike to school, this is what they said: My fourth-grader was quick to say, “I love saving the world!” My second-grader told me, “I end up with just the right amount of energy when I get to school.” And from my kindergartener, who pedals along behind me on her tag-along, I got a simple, but enthusiastic, “It’s fun!”

Soon winter will be upon us and we’ll be back in the monster SUV, but for now, we’re outside, we’re biking, and we’re having fun.

Phyllis Theermann

We are surrounded with opportunities to reduce energy use. Many reductions do not require purchase or change in life style.

Change the picture setting on your TV to reduce energy consumption up to 53% watts   reduction

Vivid                              355
Standard                        277         22%
Cinema                          167         53%
**Panasonic TH-42PX60U

When you do buy a new TV check the power ratings on internet reviews such as CNET energy efficiency guide

Some models use 63% less energy

  • Phlillips 42″ LCD                91 watts
  • Panasonic 42″ Plasma     245 watts

**The above tips were presented at the Power of One Climate Solutions seminar