Phyllis Theermann

The Town of Wellesley is Committed to Sustainability

We are surrounded with opportunities to reduce our impact on our environment, save money and increase our energy independence. The town of Wellesley has adopted a goal to reduce emissions to 10 percent below 2007 levels by 2013. Achieving the goal depends on town-wide action. Individual households can save up to $3,000 which is 12 tons of e-CO2 each year. Use the tips, tidbits and resources in this Wellesley Energy Action Guide to Step Up (reference to the RDF recycling program) and put your energy into action.

The 2012 Report from Wellesley’s town appointed Sustainable Energy Committee* shows our progress. Read it here

Town-Wide energy reduction:

To learn more about how Wellesley can achieve 10% reduction by 2013 click to view the Green Ribbon Study Committee – Wellesley Sustainable Energy Plan

A complete list of documents that are part of the Sustainable Energy Plan are  here.

* Wellesley’s Sustainable Energy Committee is a town appointed committee that proposes sustainable energy goals to reduce the Town’s greenhouse gas emissions from the municipal, residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors to Town Meeting.     This is different than Sustainable Wellesley which is a town volunteer organization.


Phyllis Theermann

Support the Updated Bottle Bill. The update would expand the state’s container deposit system to include an estimated 1.3 billion non-carbonated beverage bottles per year. Analysis by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection shows that an expanded bottle deposit law would save cities and towns millions of dollars in collection and disposal costs, and create hundreds of jobs in the state. It would also reduce litter: States that have comprehensive bottle deposit programs have experienced a 69 to 84 percent reduction in beverage container litter!
The bottle bill expansion was recently approved by the State Senate as an amendment to a jobs bill and is now being considered by a conference committee made of of six legislators from the Senate and House. State Senator Cynthia Creem is an original sponsor of the bill, and State Senator Richard Ross and State Representative Alice Peisch also support it. In fact, 77 percent of Massachusetts residents support the bill, and Wellesley is one of 208 towns and cities that have asked their state legislators to support it. Let’s hope the House passes this bill!Link for more information: Massachusetts Coalition to Update the Bottle Bill
Phyllis Theermann

Many Local Businesses Have Signed up for Wellesley’s Power To Choose Program

Has yours?

Perhaps your office, studio, store, restaurant, etc. is wondering where to start or what they can do next to lower their carbon footprint?

Be the sustainable champion in your work environment.

Signing up for renewable energy is an easier start. Next you can learn how businesses have less impact with “green” paper supplies, office products, cleaning supplies and much more.

Learn more about what eco certification / cooperation can mean for you business at