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Phyllis Theermann

More than 100 climate change letters were mailed this week to our elected officials from Sprague Elementary School students.

Kindergartners all the way up to 5th grade students voluntarily gave up recesses and put pencil and crayon to paper to share their ideas and reasons why the Earth was important to them and why our Senators, President and First Lady should make environmental issues a top priority.

Topics ranged from Hurricane Sandy, to protecting our oceans and the air we breath, as well as the earth we grow our food from.

Older students wrote specifically about their concerns in regards to global warming, while others shared ideas on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

“Please save trees as I like to climb on them,” wrote a second grade student.

“I like to swim with the healthy fish in a clean ocean on Cape Cod, please make laws to keep it that way,” wrote one 3rd grade girl.

Championed by Principal Dr. Stephen Goodwin and lead by parent volunteers, this was an empowering writing, civil and environmental science exercise that families could try at home.

Phyllis Theermann

Share your green story with us.

Got new ideas, tips, or means to live a more sustainable lifestyle that you want to share?

Some folks are creating Halloween decorations and costumes from completely reused materials.

What’s Your Green Play of the Day? The Week? Year?

Others are reusing school supplies for next semester and around the home to keep themselves organized.

Wellesley residents share tips on composting, raising chickens, backyard gardening, rain barrels and native plantings.

We hear about solar panels, carpooling, bike lanes, low energy holiday lighting and so much more. Look for inspirational stories and tips in the Inspire Us area on the left on the home page.

We know you are doing many valuable things every day for the planet. Please share them with our community.

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Phyllis Theermann


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