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Try a Spin Class with Radio Personality Sue Brady Hartigan and our spinning leader Andy for a “Fun”- draiser Thursday, Nov 12th at 7pm.


Reserve Your Seat Today for Sustainable Wellesley’s First Fundraiser Since Gaining its Charitable Status


You know you have been wanting to try out spinning, or perhaps spinning with some new energizing folks, so please register TODAY and join us at Cyclebar, 386 Washington Street on Thursday, November 12th at 7-8pm. Afterwards, join us across the street for continued “fun”-draising at the Local where 10% of proceeds go to Sustainable Wellesley.

Click here to reserve your seat before they sell out. 

Can’t make the ride, but want to join in the festivities?
Come by the Local (11 Forest St, Wellesley Hills) at 8.15 and/or swing by any time on Thursday and mention Sustainable Wellesley. 10% of all meal costs will proceed Sustainable Wellesley’s programing.

Your generous donations fund a variety of Sustainable Wellesley’s initiatives including: promoting renewable energy, climate education, school programing, conservation, and waste reduction.

Sustainable Wellesley is pleased to announce that it has been granted 501(c)3 status and may now accept charitable, tax-deductible contributions to support and broaden its sustainability initiatives. Can’t make the event, feel free to donate here.

Sustainable Wellesley’s mission is “To engage residents, businesses, and the Town of Wellesley in the actions required for sustainability”. With Wellesley Green Schools now part of the organization, inspiring students to create a healthy, sustainable world, is also one of its core goals.

This volunteer based, 1500-member organization encourages sustainability in a variety of ways in Wellesley by organizing events, promoting learning, and encouraging *action*.

If you want a stronger voice for sustainability in Wellesley and beyond, please choose your level of action: emailing the team about initiatives that you would like to work on; filling out the member survey; going to an interesting event on the calendar; perusing the informative and inspiring website; completing the easy-to-use sustainabilitychecklists; coming to an action meeting; adding your name to the town’s  solar map; pledging to make your lawn pesticide free; or requesting a climate changespeaker for your event.  And whatever your level of action please consider making a tax deductible donation to make all of this possible.


Sustainable Wellesley is a group of volunteers working to make a difference in our community. Below are some of the ways you can join in – one time, weekly, and monthly opportunities are listed, as well as ones that relate to your expertise, hobby, and passion. We need you to volunteer to make all of our work possible. Together we can make a difference. See something you like? Write us at

Don’t see something here that you want to take action on? Reach out at and let us know. Maybe you want to teach a class on canning? Waste Free Home tricks, Gardening, etc., simply let us know. Sustainable Wellesley is open to diverse backgrounds and ideas.

Jobs You Can Do From Your Favorite Spot:

  • Website Manager (WordPress): We could use someone  to check in on our website quarterly  to be sure things are working as intended, as well as to be on-call to troubleshoot our wordpress site when needed.

  • Volunteer Coordination: We are looking for someone to build a database and comprehensively oversee Sustainable Wellesley’s dedicated volunteers. Goal is to be able to reach out to folks who have specific interests and time so they can step up and help at events throughout the year.

  • Event Calendar Support: Take compiled list of upcoming events and add them to Sustainable Wellesley’s calendar section on the website. We can train volunteer on how to easily use the WordPress site to enter the data. Ideally, someone can do this entry work once or twice a month. Research and enter other calendar events locally is also welcome.

  • Development: We would love an individual or a team of volunteers to dream up  and work on a fundraising campaign/event such as selling milkweed plugs, organizing a clothing swap… Creativity welcome!

  • Grant Developer: Looking for someone ir a team to create a “Sustainable Wellesley Community Grant”. This would include raising the funds, creating a grant as well as a  review process so that we could offer a Wellesley student an award during the April 2019 Wellesley STEM EXPO. Grant would be offered to a student working on an environmental sustainability project or idea.

  • Nominating Committee: 1) Consider and recruit folks to run for town board and committee seats to make sure that the sustainability topic is “in the room where it happens”. We have a complete list of boards and what spots are opening when. Recruiting can happen year-round in time for March elections (80% of positions fill this time of year and 20%) happen year round.

  • Campaign organizer/supporter- Provide support and expertise to those running for positions. Wellesley town elections are in March.

  • Book Club Organizer: Bea Johnson’s book, Zero Waste Home: the ultimate guide to simplifying your life. The goal is to get folks to read the book and/or see the film and rethink the way the operate their day to day lives and decrease their plastic and general single use practices. Reach out to book clubs across town to get engagement. Wellesley Free Library also has book club and would be open to working with us on this. Opportunity to do monthly or other annual all town reads around other books — for adults and students —  in the future!

  • Legislative advocacy leader(s): Looking for someone or a team to track bills on energy, pesticides, plastics and other issues and offer ways Wellesley residents can advocate for them.

  • Partner to Run 2019 Sustainability Challenge at Wellesley STEM EXPO: Continue Wellesley Green School’s effort to engage students in the district by creating this year’s Sustainability Challenge. Creative ideas welcome and spot open on the team to execute the challenge that gets awarded in April at the STEM EXPO event.

  • Secretary: Looking for secretary to take notes weekly on SW conference calls. (Weekly, 1pm on Tuesdays). One time a week position.

  • Writers:  Always welcome folks who like to write and can write convincing, accurate press releases/blog posts.

  • May morning volunteer: Wellesley Wonderful Weekend Breakfast recycling volunteers. One time a year position.

  • July Jubilation volunteers: Join a few of us as we staff the Sustainable Wellesley table during the annual July Jubilation (a Saturday mid July). One time event.

  • Sustainable Wellesley Action Meeting Coordinator:  Organize 5 meetings a year – confirm our usual location is available, sent invites, develop agendas, coordinate snacks, etc.

  • Sewing Bee Coordinator: Coordinate sewing bees throughout town, recruiting folks that sew and collect fabric to be used for sewing simple Furoshiki Cloths. More information here.

  • Wellesley Marketplace volunteer: Staff an information table at the Wellesley Marketplace on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at Wellesley High School. Also can help us wrap gifts! First volunteers to sign up will get free admission to the event! One time event.

  • Intern: Jr.’s and Seniors in High School and College Students looking for meaningful internships send us your CV.


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