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Easy Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions
Consider a Few Easy Ways to “Green” the New Year! 1. Say good-bye to the second frig. Without the holiday guests around, Read more.
Inspire Us: Robert Cooper Pays it Forward
His actions range from the simple (clothesline) to the relatively sophisticated (solar hot water) and all of them pay back. Read more.
Wellesley Sustainable Energy Day!
Hundreds of Wellesley residents turned out to the Sustainability Expo, Tour and Rally on September 24th. At the EXPO The Read more.
Wellesley Sustainability Expo, Tour and Rally
As part of the world’s largest sustainability event – Moving Planet — Wellesley will be hosting a Sustainability Expo and Read more.
$ummer Cooling
Reduce your Energy Use W/O Compromising Comfort This week’s cool nights and hot days provide the perfect opportunity to reduce your Read more.
Get the Ultimate Green Lawn and So Much More
Learn how to grow a very low maintenance, environmentally safe organic lawn as well as how to reduce water and Read more.
The Dirty Truth About Cleaning Products
The air inside our homes is, on average, 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside, largely because of household Read more.
Expo & Symposium 10.9.10
Come join us and help our Town become a more sustainable community in clean energy, efficiency & conservation, and effective Read more.
Why We Bike To School
… by Susan Maggioni Today marks the 7th day my three daughters and I have biked our way to Sprague Read more.
Change Picture Setting on Your TV To Reduce Energy Consumption
We are surrounded with opportunities to reduce energy use. Many reductions do not require purchase or change in life style. Change Read more.
Nights Get Longer Lighting Needs Increase
As the nights get longer, the amount of energy that we use for lighting increases significantly Many of us have Read more.

Four Things You Can Do

Fight teardowns!

Get involved with the Wellesley Historical Commission’s demo-delay byelaw HERE

Find and fix gas leaks!

There are over 200 ‘natural gas’ leaks all over Wellesley. Find where the nearest leaks to you are and what you can do about them HERE

Go pesticide free!

Take the pledge not to poison your yard, and put your pin on the map of pesticide-free homes HERE

Get clean electricity!

Wellesley residents can get clean, renewable electricity through our Municipal Light Plant with the same great service. Find out how HERE

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