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Sustainable Wellesley is a volunteer organization that initiates and encourages sustainability in Wellesley and in areas that will affect Wellesley. (When did you hear a good argument for doing something that was UNsustainable?) We organize events, promote learning and encourage action through programs of our own and those shared with the Town and other organizations. If you want a stronger voice for sustainability in our Town please join us.
To engage the residents, businesses, and the Town of Wellesley in the actions required for sustainability.
Emphasis on
Increasing : energy efficiency, use of renewables
Promoting : renewing, reusing, recycling
Conserving : water
Improving : landscaping practices
Reducing : waste & pollution
Speaking : communicating our priorities

Who We Are
A Leadership Team of volunteers :
Scott Bender
Alex Keally
Jeffrey Novins
Lise Olney
Quentin Prideaux
Phyllis Theermann
Nearly 1000 members like you who engage with each other at events, through our newsletter, and at our Facebook page to help make Wellesley a more sustainable Town. Feel free share your ideas and to volunteer any of your skills or interests and to get more involved, send email with your contact information and interests to:
Best wishes,
The Sustainable Wellesley Leadership Team,
Alex, Jeff, Lise, Phyllis, Quentin, and Scott