Community Sewing Project

Help us make reusable gift wrapping and bags for the November 2018 Wellesley Marketplace!

Last year, in order to encourage reusability and offer a service to the community, Sustainable Wellesley premiered a free furoshiki gift wrapping station. Using square cloths up-cycled into furoshiki wrapping from donated fabric remnants, we wrapped people’s Marketplace purchases FOR FREE.

Why? The circulation of reusable gift wrap and bags within our community creates an opportunity to spread an important social and environmental message about sustainable solutions, and fostering conscious habits that extends well beyond gift wrap and plastic bags.

This year we’ve been invited back, as the official Marketplace wrappers with a more central location!

And we need your help!

Here’s what you can do!

Donate Fabric:

  • Flexible fabrics are ideal! Stiff fabrics are hard to tie furoshiki style.
  • Fabric remnants measuring at least 20″ square work best
  • e-mail to make a fabric donation

Sew Furoshiki Cloths:

Furoshiki sewing instructions:

Cut a square piece of fabric a little larger than your desired size. 20″ is a standard finished size, but in general any square that’s about 3x larger than the object being wrapped works well! Fold in each of the edges a quarter inch and iron; fold again and iron. Find instructions online for sewing mitered corners, follow and then sew around the perimeter of your prepared cloth in the middle of the fold. Flexible fabrics like thin cotton work best for tying!  For instructions on hemming and three different corner options, click here.

Learn how to fold furoshiki gift wrap here!

Sew Gift Bags:

For a nice complement to Furoshiki (and one that doesn’t require any explanation for re-using!) we’ll also be making Boomerang cloth gift bags. Check out the free pattern online here.

Organize or Attend a Sewing Event:

Check back for updates on community sewing events, or reach out to us to organize your own!

See us wrap! Check out this promotional video we made before marketplace last year demonstrating the most common furoshiki wrapping. Easy, beautiful, fun!