Act On Climate at a Free Event

Sustainable Wellesley’s own Quentin Prideaux gives interesting, interactive and even fun talks on global warming and what it means for Massachusetts. So if you’re looking for a climate refresher, ideas to act on, to meet people interested in our future, or to have a stimulating discussion then come to one of the dates below.  Or just add your name to our special invite list and we’ll let you know of upcoming events.

Quentin has been trained by Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project, and also speaks for Climate Voices.  He has created his own overview of the subject with the express intention of inspiring hope, and showing a way forwards.

Quentin has a degree in Physics, a Masters in Business, and currently studying for Masters in Sustainability and Environmental Management at Harvard.  And he tells bad jokes.

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Comments from Previous Hosts and Attendees

Here is a ‘word cloud’ of all of the feedback to-date for Quentin’s talks, plus a few selected quotes:

Feedback wordcloud

“It was a beyond-great presentation – hugely informative and intelligent, visually appealing, very lively, smart and funny.”

“It really made our event.”

“Every member of the audience learned something and had a really nice evening.”

“The best talk on this topic”


“It was easy to understand”

“I liked hearing that it is not all negatives and there is much that we can do about it.  GREAT AFTERNOON!”